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Why Use a Storage Facility? 

Safe N’ Sound Self Storage in Groton, CT is a trusted family-owned and operated business serving the Groton Community for over 30 years. We offer long and short term storage options in a well-lit, safe, clean, and easily accessible environment. Our storage facility is fully gated and alarmed with 24-hour video surveillance.

Top Reasons to Use a Storage Facility

There are many reasons why people choose to use a storage facility and we’ve listed the main ones here:

  1. Moving to a New Home
  2. Renovation Your Home
  3.  Safe Storage for Vehicles or Heavy Equipment
  4. Storage for Business Inventory or Supplies
  5. Change in Life Situation

Storage facilities provide an economic solution for people and businesses who need a place to store belongings in a safe and secure environment. One that is protected from the environment.

Many businesses and individuals are now using storage facilities to extend professional and personal storage options. So why should you choose this option?

5 Top Reasons to Use a Storage Facility


  1. Moving to a New Home

Selling an existing home and moving into a new home does not always go as smooth and snag free as we would like. Sometimes, there may be a delay from one closing to another, or perhaps there is an out of state move taking place. When selling a home, many times people choose to declutter and make the home as inviting and empty as possible so prospective buyers can envision the space with their own belongings. Therefore a homeowner may choose to put the belongings they wish to keep and take with them in a storage facility. This is an economical short term solution which also allows easy transition if some work needs to be done in the new home first.

Self storage facilities also come in handy when there is a gap between selling a home and moving into a new one making the transient placement between much less stressful.


  1. Renovating Your Home

Home renovations can be stressful enough without the extra clutter of displaced furniture and belongings. Using a storage facility can help make the project a bit more bearable, especially when there may be dust and debris from construction or the need to keep big peaces of furniture out of the way.

With a temperature controlled storage unit you can be sure your belongings are safely tucked away until your renovation is done and it’s time to redecorate.


  1. Safe Storage for Vehicles or Heavy Equipment

A storage facility unit is a great place to safely and securely store vehicles that may need seasonal or extended period storage and environmental protection such as motorcycles, personal watercraft, cars and trailers.

It is also a great place for businesses or individuals that have equipment that is used on a seasonal basis to store their belongings such as ski’s gardening equipment, diving gear and other activities that require equipment.


  1. Storage for Business Inventory or Supplies

Are you an entrepreneur who has the need to store inventory and supplies? By renting a unit in storage facility you have a place for inventory, extra materials and whatever you may need for your business, especially if you conduct business as a “pop-up” storefront.

A storage facility is a great place to store movable art walls and photographic lights and electrical equipment.

Office space or storefront rentals can be extremely costly. A storage facility is the perfect “micro-warehouse” for organizations and entrepreneurs alike.


  1. Change in Life Situation

Sometimes “life happens”. Due to a cohabitation breakup or divorce, you may find yourself in need of storing your belongings. A storage facility provides a secure place for your items which may not be able to be relocated immediately.

Many families find a storage facility helpful during the summer months with their college kids who live away from home need a place for their belongings temporarily. Using a storage facility can be more convenient than finding space in the home for the extra personal belongings.

A storage facility is also a great option for someone who has to temporarily relocate for a work assignment and does not want to move all their belongings with them to a temporary location.

Safe N’ Sound Self Storage Facility in Groton, CT is happy to answer any questions you have about your storage needs. Our storage facility units are well-lit, secure, clean, and easily accessible.

All our units are drive-up accessible. Our storage facility in Groton offers climate controlled units and 24-hour access for customers and month-to-month leases with no long term commitment. Let us help you choose the right storage option for you.

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