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The Benefits of Climate Controlled Storage Near You in New London County, CT

Whether you need a space to store your belongings while you’re in the middle of a move, you need a spot to store inventory for your business, or you’re just looking for some extra room to keep your off-season belongings if you’re located in Sandy Point, NY and you’re shopping around for storage facilities near me, head to Safe N’ Sound Storage Facility. Since 1987, we’ve been providing the New London County community with a safe place to keep their belongings. At our family-owned and operated storage facility, you’ll find climate-controlled storage units in a variety of sizes that are available for both long- and short-term rentals, and you’ll also find some of the best rates around. When you’re looking for storage places near me, you want to choose a facility where you know your belongings will be safe and sound, and that’s exactly what you’ll get at Safe N’ Sound Storage Facility.

What is Climate Controlled Storage?

You’ve determined that you need a storage unit to stow away some of your belongings. As you check the Internet for “storage units near me”, you come across a lot of different facilities in the New London County area. One of the biggest things you’ve probably noticed during your search is that several locations offer climate controlled settings.

What exactly is climate-controlled storage? As the name suggests, these units are climate controlled; in other words, both the temperature and the humidity levels are regulated. The units themselves are insulated with high-grade, heavy-duty materials that lockout extreme outdoor temperatures and moisture. They’re also outfitted with top-quality HVAC systems, dehumidifiers, and thermostats. All of these elements combined mean that the interior of a climate-controlled storage unit can maintain the ideal conditions. Typically, the temperature is held between 55 and 85 degrees F and the humidity levels are about 55%, on average.

Other storage options include standard units, which have minimal insulation (if they’re insulated at all) and do not contain heating, air conditioning, or dehumidification, and temperature-controlled facilities, which only regulate the temperature, not the humidity. While these two options may be less expensive, a climate-controlled storage facility offers definite benefits that make spending the extra money a worthwhile investment.

What are the Benefits of Climate Controlled Storage?

As mentioned, a climate-controlled storage unit may be a bit more expensive than standard or temperature-controlled facilities; however, if you want to ensure that your belongings are well-protected while they’re stowed away, here’s a look at just some of the reasons why you should splurge on a facility where the temperature and humidity levels are managed.

Added Protection

In New London County, the temperatures can soar to more than 100 degrees F in the summer months and can dip to well below freezing over the winter. The humidity levels can also be exceedingly high. When your belongings are exposed to these extreme weather conditions, they can suffer extensive damage. For instance, wood can become warped, fabrics can develop mold, the inks on important documents and photographs can bleed, electronics can short circuit, and anything that contains metal can rust.

If you’re planning on storing anything that could potentially be damaged by extreme temperatures and high humidity levels, a climate-controlled storage facility is an absolute must. Temperature and moisture are held at the ideal levels, so they’re far less likely to become damaged.

While all items would benefit from being stored in a setting where the temperature and moisture are properly managed, the following items, in particular, should be stored in a controlled environment:

  • Wood
  • Leather
  • Mattresses
  • Linens
  • Books
  • Photographs
  • Important documents and paperwork
  • Instruments
  • Artwork
  • Electronics
  • Antiques
  • Wine
  • Appliances
  • Medical products and supplies
  • Collectible items, such as comic books, coins, trading cards, vinyl records, stamps, etc.
  • Mattresses and box springs
  • Upholstered furniture
  • DVDs, VHS, cassette tapes, CDs, etc.
  • Clothing, especially anything that is made out of delicate materials, such as leather or lace

Increased Cleanliness and Safety

The air quality in climate-controlled storage units is markedly better than in standard storage facilities. Standard units aren’t sealed as tightly as climate-controlled units and thanks to the advanced HVAC systems, the air in a climate-controlled setting is recirculated on a constant basis, whereas in a standard unit, the air doesn’t move unless the door is opened and it becomes stagnant. Storing your belongings in an environment that has healthy air quality means that they will remain cleaner. There’s much less risk of mold growth and dust and dirt levels are much lower, too. As such, your possessions will be a lot safer to use once you take them out of storage, as you won’t have to worry about being exposed to harmful contaminants that are known to cause adverse health effects; mold exposure, for example, is known to cause numerous health issues, and dust is an irritant and can aggravate allergies.

Peace of Mind

Whether it’s for a short while or a long period of time, when you stow your belongings in a storage facility, you want to be sure that they’re properly protected and that they will still be in the same condition they were in when you stored them. In a standard or temperature-controlled storage unit, there’s no way to guarantee that your possessions will be properly protected; especially here in New London County, where extreme temperatures and high humidity levels are very common. Because of the protection that a climate-controlled storage unit offers against extreme weather and the improved air quality that these facilities provide, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that whatever you are storing will be properly protected and safe from damage.

Ready to Find Climate Controlled Storage Near Me?

If you’d like to take advantage of all of the benefits that climate-controlled storage offers and you’re located in Sandy Point, CT, contact Safe N’ Sound Storage Facility. We carefully monitor and control the temperature and humidity levels in all of our climate-controlled units and we offer a variety of sizes to choose from. Our facility is well-lit, exceptionally secured, pristinely clean, and all units are easy to access. Whether you are storing office equipment, household goods, or even a car, at Safe N’ Sound Storage Facility, you’ll find the room you need and the protection you desire for all of your belongings.

If you have questions or you’d like to reserve one of our climate-controlled storage units, call 860-448-1800 or today!